About Modular Sips

Decades of Experience

Modular Sips have been the pioneers of the flat pack kit building market for many years.
We are proud to offer the most advanced garden room range available that caters for all.

Modular Sips, your trusted partner… still leading the way.

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Why Choose Modular Sips

Here at Modular Sips, we have been leading the way for the past 8 years to create the next generation of Leisure Buildings. Our range is one of the most diverse in the industry, our buildings are highly innovative and packed full of industry leading technology, being an owner of a Modular Building sets you way above the rest.

We’re Customer Focused

Our goal is to deliver happiness. Garden homes have significance for our customers. They are offices, lounges, gyms and so much more. We pour our hearts, soul, and craftsmanship into creating a garden home that you will cherish.

Unmatched Quality

Our handcrafted garden homes are insulated and created with the highest quality materials for a premium finish. We ensure a quality build and delivery of your garden home.

  • All year use, extend your season due to our unrivalled thermal construction.
  • Full sips shell, house building technology from North America.
  • Best thermal properties on the market, sips keep’s heat in and heat out with industry leading performance and airtightness.
  • Can achieve thermal class 4, as standard class 3, -15 ̊C outside maintains 20 ̊C inside.
  • Reduces running costs by up to 40%, meaning a better return on investment.
  • Sips provide a highly durable solid construction. Wall profiles are 178mm. No more wafer-thin walls!
  • Sips provide outstanding sound insulation, great for multi occupancy and exposed sites.
  • Due to the reduced energy usage, our buildings are classed as Eco friendly.
  • Lifespan, expected 50 years plus on the shell due to the sip system used with correct maintenance. Our buildings look like they have just arrived years later.
  • Most durable materials used. Offering true low maintenance qualities.