Frequently Asked Questions


Our most asked questions about our SIP garden room kits.

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Do I need to obtain planning permission for a garden room installation?

In certain circumstances planning permission is required by Law but generally our Garden Rooms are designed within the allowed dimensions for domestic dwellings. Positioning restrictions may apply and properties located on heritage or listed sites will need to gain advice from the local planning authority. Please speak to our sales team for further guidance.

I need my garden room to be secure as it will be used as an office, how secure are they?

Our range of rooms is designed with security in mind and you can be assured that all windows and doors meet industry standards and pass home insurance levels of security. We can advise on upgrading of features should you require it.

Will the garden room need insulating?

No! Our development of the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) technology used to construct all Garden rooms and storage units has built in extremely efficient insulating properties during manufacture. SIP’s panels are used throughout the building, floors walls and ceilings.

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Can I put a garden room anywhere on my property?

There are some restrictions attached to Planning Regulations and common access routes but generally the answer is yes. Consideration of utilities routing needs to be calculated.

Are materials guaranteed?

Yes! We offer manufacturers guarantees on all materials supplied by ourselves.

My garden slopes. How will this affect a garden room installation?

The site should be levelled and a retaining wall should be created, also you should check with the planning office to see at what height the 2.5m allowed for permitted development starts.

Can garden rooms be attached to existing buildings

Yes the same rules apply for permitted development as long as you leave the door or wall on the original build in place. If you plan to remove a door or open up a wall , then the room becomes part of the house and needs planning.

Will screws and fixings be included in a garden room kit?


How does the kit arrive?

How Your Kit Arrives
Your garden room/office room kit will arrive on pallets. Panels are stacked and wrapped to protect from the weather.

If I buy a kit is there an advice / help service for building it?

Yes full instructions and support.

Can the kit be carried through a house if there is no access to the rear?

Yes, the largest panel is 2440mm x 1220mm and are often carried through properties.

How long is the structure expected to last?

Maintained correctly the buildings and components have a life span of 40 – 50 years.

Delivery Time

Delivery time 4-8 weeks, however we aim to get orders out in the quickest time possible.