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  • Living Roof

Living Roof

Benefits of a green roof

  • Shields the top of the roof and its supporting structure from the UV and heat of direct sunlight. This prolongs the normal life of roofing materials.
  • Absorbs rainwater like a sponge, holding up water run-off, particularly after a long dry spell and thus reducing the potential for local flooding.
  • Cools the rooms below in summer and insulating them during winter. The cooling effect comes as rainwater evaporates gradually cooling the supporting roof below. If done on a large scale they can noticeably lower the air temperatures in urban areas, referred to as the urban island effect.
  • Provides a habitat for bees, insects and other wildlife.

Benefits of a sedum roof covering

Sedum is the cheapest, lightest and easiest form of Living Roof, which lends itself to the DIY’er trying to green up on a budget. If done properly it can be planted up and left to its own devices. Often no more than periodic visual checks and minor weeding are required.

Sedum roof maintenance

Sedum roof covering in summer

Sedum roof covering in summer

We check ours on a quarterly basis, a bit more often between May and August, when things are growing. If anything we do not like takes root, we weed it out by twisting and pulling up (don’t use a fork whatever you do !). If you create a divot, shake the soil off the roots back into the hole and leave it to grow over. If we find a bare patch we plant a new sedum from a small stock we grow at the top of the garden. Trees take a long time to establish, so you will have loads of time to see that it has taken root and to remove it.

Roof strength

Work on the basis of a point loading of 

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