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Mobility Scooter Insulated Store

Secure insulated Mobility scooter Storage. To protect your Scooter from unwanted attention and the elements the secure insulated store is perfect.
A beautiful elegant addition to any property the Mobility store will blend in to a chic modern garden.

We at Outdoor Living Rooms use superior injected polyurethane structural panel of 70mm thickness on all sides of our product.  We do not use weaker or less attractive materials for the rear of the unit. Our elite panel 50 used on the exterior has a fifty year manufacturers guarantee against moisture damage. Paint has an extended life span of up to 10 years (depending on Manufacturer).

The interior of our units have moisture resistant MDF, giving a clean smooth finish to the walls.
The Mobility store can be delivered to a property with limited access and assembled on site. The modular panels are all secured from the inside, which leaves the exterior free from screws.
We supply full security doors with a 19 point locking system.
Why spend a fortune on your scooters and neglect to protect them.

The outdoor living room insulated mobility store has been designed and developed to fit the majority of Mobility scooters. The largest in our range will easily fit two scooters or allow space for disembarking.