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Modd Pod Classic

If your short on space or just require a compact space for a garden room or office, the pod selfbuild kit is the perfect solution. With an interior space of just under 5 square meters..

Our PODS are Constructed from 98mm SIP panels

Pods Can be sited on solid flat surfaces with timber battens. For soft or uneven ground we can supply a steel base system or timber frame. ( see our Foundation Systems)

EPDM roofing - Rubber Firestone roofing material with manufacturer guarantee. For flat and apex applications.

Modextreme Panel - Revolutionary wood based product which has a Manufacturers guarantee of 50 years.

Advantages of using SIPS

1. Superior energy efficiency With U-values as low as 0.10 W/m²•K save energy and reduce running costs.

2. Minimising cold bridging The Y-value is a measure of the total heat loss expected from all of the thermal bridge losses in all of the junctions in the building. The SIPs system has a typical Y-value of 0.025 W/m².K exceeding the accredited and enhanced construction details values of 0.08 and 0.04 W/m².K respectively.3. Speed of build The rapid assembly made possible by the large format SIPS   system reduces build time and lowers construction cost

4. Strong air tightness performance Minimal panel joints by virtue of the large format panels combined with the exacting panel tolerances of ±2mm

5. Fewer post construction defects The structural integrity of the SIP system eliminates settlement after building completion, reducing the time required for post-construction snagging

6. Low environmental impact Because reduced energy means reduced emissions, SIP s contributes positively to the environment by helping to lower CO2 levels, all the materials used in manufacture and construction are sustainable and recyclable .

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