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Motorbike Store

Motorcycle storage - The best home for your motorcycle

At Last a place to store your precious motorbike which does not condensate like a metal shed or concrete garage.  Secure and aesthetically pleasing, our stores are designed to be good looking buildings.  Incredible security door.

With our motorcycle stores your vehicle will be secure and protected from the weather. Motorbikes and cycles need to be treated well , so start with a purpose built garage.

Give your motorcycle the home it deserves, with an Outdoor living room  insulated motorcycle storage garage. You can be assured that your bike will be kept safe and dry. This building is a fantastic storage unit and  is packed with security features. Outdoor living rooms  motorcycle garages are fitted with large reinforced single and double doors for easy access. The motorcycle garage features a a 19 point locking system, within an attractive security door.

The motorcycle store is a building so it can be painted to match existing properties.

If that's not enough features for you ... our motorcycle storage ranges feature full insulation on all walls , roof and floor, preventing condensation that builds in metal stores.

This is a UK designed and made motorcycle storage unit, using the latest Mod extremepanel technology with 50 year guarantee against moisture damage on the facing material - finally all this is covered by our 10 year warranty.

This ultra tough motorcycle garage also has both reinforced hinges and heavy duty panels all fixed to an integral  floor and roof.  With the included easy access ramp, you can simply ride your motorcycle straight inside the garage.

EPDM roofing - Rubber Firestone roofing material with manufacturer guarantee. For flat and apex applications.

Modextreme Panel - Revolutionary wood based product which has a Manufacturers guarantee of 50 years.

Advantages of using SIPS

1. Superior energy efficiency With U-values as low as 0.10 W/m²•K save energy and reduce running costs.

2. Minimising cold bridging The Y-value is a measure of the total heat loss expected from all of the thermal bridge losses in all of the junctions in the building. The SIPs system has a typical Y-value of 0.025 W/m².K exceeding the accredited and enhanced construction details values of 0.08 and 0.04 W/m².K respectively.

3. Speed of build The rapid assembly made possible by the large format SIPS system reduces build time and lowers construction cost

4. Strong air tightness performance Minimal panel joints by virtue of the large format panels combined with the exacting panel tolerances of ±2mm

5. Fewer post construction defects The structural integrity of the SIP system eliminates settlement after building completion, reducing the time required for post-construction snagging

6. Low environmental impact Because reduced energy means reduced emissions, SIP s contributes positively to the environment by helping to lower CO2 levels, all the materials used in manufacture and construction are sustainable and recyclable .


19 Point Locking Security Steel Doorset (Standard Duty)


  • Heavy duty white textured polyester powder coated finish The powder coat finish can also be used as a base coat to be painted on top of
  • High quality draught and weather proof seals pre-fitted
  • 3 Stainless steel heavy duty hinges per door
  • 4 Dog bolts (fixed locking points) on hinge side of door leaf
  • DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant threshold
  • Anti jemmy bar lip all around the door leaf, including the hinge side
  • Reinforced fixing plates
  • Thick chrome plated mild steel lever handles Heavy duty stainless steel handle upgrade is available to increase security
  • High security heavy duty 14 point locking shoot bolt mechanism: - 3 shoot bolts into top of frame - 8 shoot bolts into latching side of frame - 3 shoot bolts through bottom threshold into structure below Including the 4 dog bolts and latch, 19 points secure the door leaf in the frame
  • Added strengthening plates to reinforce frame
  • Internal frame welded case work to protect shoot bolts from falling debris
  • Drill and impact resistant locking system
  • Steel material used: Door Frame: 1.2mm pre-lacquered cold rolled steel Door Leaf: Double skinned 0.6mm pre-lacquered cold rolled steel
  • Fully welded construction for optimum strength (all of door leaf and frame)
  • Euro profile cylinder with unique ABC key system Heavy duty kite marked cylinder upgrade is available to further increase security. The upgraded cylinder has anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pull features.
  • Dufalite / honeycomb core, used for its high impact measures
  • Fully weatherproof, designed to be used externally*