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Modd Extreme Panel

ModExtreme Panel is an innovative, industry leading cladding panel. We use and promote the modextreme panel because of its fantastic ability to remain 99% stable. It will not be affected by moisture and is guaranteed for 25 years underground. The panel is wood based and is easily worked with standard tools.

THE NEW GENERATION Imagine a world of new and exciting possibilities for a wood based panel product, enabling its use in applications and environments that could not previously be contemplated. Imagine the positive implication if the raw material for the panel was modified to give outstanding dimensional stability and durability using a non-toxic environmentally compatible process. Imagine Medite® Tricoya® Extreme. Medite Tricoya Extreme is a completely new, high performance, wood based panel product. It demonstrates outstanding durability and dimensional stability in the most extreme and challenging environments – exterior as well as interior, wet and high moisture, applications. The product uses proprietary acetylated wood technology and a modified fibreboard manufacturing process to create a wood panel with outstanding durability and stability. Medite Tricoya Extreme has been jointly developed between Medite Europe and Tricoya Technologies and is made using a patented acetylation technology. Medite Europe Ltd is owned by Coillte, a fully integrated forest products company based in Ireland. Medite has led the market in technical innovation, and Medite products are recognised as the benchmark for quality, consistency and performance.

We use CNC technology to profile our panels, ensuring you get a consistent panel every time. We provide a standard choice of channel and v groove with a wide and narrow pattern.

Bespoke patterns can be specified. Please contact us with you requirements.

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Fantastic properties and unbelievable guarantee make this panel a perfect low maintenance exterior panel for garden rooms and extensions.